Saturday, January 30, 2010

Put away for a rainy day...

When the weather turns below 40 degrees here in the Lone Star State, us southerners run for a warm refuge to comfort our thinned out blood (I know, pathetic right?).  For most, that means piles of blankets while watching reruns and whining about how we miss 100+ days.  For me, I comb through archives of fabulous designers that I've tucked away for another day, then furiously rearranging my entire house which later turns into an all out cleanfest. 

Today I want to spotlight a designer who is no stranger to the south - Angie Hranowsky, she takes the beachy style to whole new level, mixing it with a dash of hollywood regency, a touch of scandinavian, and a sprinkle of southern flair, not to mention that she's about adorable as they come.  Girl's got style!

Images via Angie Hranowsky

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