Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A touch of Teak

In a world full of painted cabinets (which will NEVER go out of me), I'm starting to wonder where the next trend is going to take us.  Wood cabinetry is bound to make a come back, but I'm thinking in maybe a warmer hue, like Teak.  I just love the idea of a floating teak vanity topped with crisp white quartz counter top and galvanized light fixtures for a casual bathroom....this is what I day dream about folks.

Here are few unexpected teak looks that I find super refreshing.

Love this teak paired with the concrete countertop and that bloated square tile is so unique.  I could totally do without the teak step though- it takes away from the pop of the vanity.

There is a lot happening in this bathroom, but I love the accent punch for towel rack.

Simple and clean.  If I could change one thing however, there is a lot of rectilinear shapes, I would switch out the matchy matchy mirror for a round metal one.

This is such a European design no?


Umm yes!  This screams hip farmhouse, and that black paned window is the perfect touch of black.

This shower almost hit a homerun, the marble and concrete are fab, but that moddled texture looks like a crappy ceramic tile from the bargain bin.  The looks would have been much better if the exterior of the shower matched in the interior.

Not all subway has to be white, and with this amount of natural light, this bath can handle the matte black.


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