Thursday, May 22, 2014

Another Droolworthy Lake House

Memorial Day Weekend means a large body of water, grill, a few cockies and having American Pride.  An easy, breezy, calming palette melts all of your daily routine away, for a few days anyway.

I love a good lake house, as previously shared here. This Wisconsin Lake house, is the epitome of relaxation.  Even if you can't get away for a weekend retreat, this is a great relaxing inspiration for your home-- Not beachy, but not woodsy, the perfect mix of both masculine and feminine.

A very serene color palette, with reclaimed wood to ground the look and keep it from being too beachy.  I love the touch of the antlers.

Lots of natural light floods this house, even with the straw shades drawn, natural light can stream through.

A super uncomplicated kitchen, with plenty of style.  After all, you want to be soaking up the outside, not slaving over the stove.

Such beautiful simplicity, and a great retreat for the eyes and soul.

Design by de[luxe] design studio


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