Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The lake houses that will make you leave the city...

I love the water, but that usually entails me not touching much muck (or any at all would be great) or the body of water being the aqua blue see through kind.  But I would totally leave this concrete forest (I don't think Dallas qualifies as a jungle, yet) behind in a heartbeat for a lake houses like these.

Umm yes.... no TV, just a stack of books and lots of tea.  Maybe even a garden to pick fresh veg for dinner?

I'm loving the modern mix and that modern lounge slays me.
Never wold have thought that I would like dyed cowhide....but I do!  That night stand is pretty amazeballs too.

Is that a Champagne cooler I spy?!?!!?  Its like it was made for me.
Then a little eye candy for you more traditional interiors lovers--
 Between the windows and these barrel looking chairs I'm sold.

 See what I mean?!?!?! Target who?

Images via Atlanta Home Magazine and Tracery Interiors  

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Julie said...

Apparently my life is lacking a lake house.

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