Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A renovation that will make your jaw drop.

I came across this project out of Atlanta that I really couldn't believe the transformation.  I think If I walked into this house in the before shots, I would have slowly backed out, but this rehab designer Carl Mattison made it his mission to buy houses in his own cherished neighborhood, fix them up and find good owners who will love them.  I couldn't believe my eyes.

I do love a good Queen Anne, but this home looked like it was on the brink of collapsing.

After removing the 1980's vinyl siding, the original wood was underneath, with a few repairs and fresh coat of paint, this house is so, so inviting.

I think at this point I would have had to take a different approach to looking through his house.  This would be a,"what can I save moment" instead of "how great is this space?" Scary

I love the light gray painted doors on the interior, classic, but unexpected.

This kitchen looks like something out of a horror flick...what happened to the cabinets?!!?

The designer used an arabesque pattern for the backsplash, he thinks its a modern day subway tile.  Very unique!

The original hardware had long since been painted over.  The owner boiled the paint off to restore to its original color.  I love a good pocket door, such a great space saver!

An odd chase had been built in between these two rooms, and since the house already had two other fire places they decided to remove this.

A refinished tub looks as good as new!

Who wouldn't adore a little coffee bar in the mornings to get ready!?

If you have time take a look at his online portfolio, such great rehabs!  Love to see this kind of care given to old homes.  Great Job Carl!

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Geoff Hull said...

I must say, this house received the best makeover! It looks amazing from its exterior to interior design; everything has been well-planned. But in all of the changes, the color combination is what I like the most -- it's very light and appealing to the sight. There’s no doubt, this house can easily be sold!

Geoff Hull @ CSS

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