Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Clam Digging

Do you ever meet a design trend that you love, but can't figure out where it will fit into your house?  For me, its pretty random, but I adore a giant clam they make me happy.- Interior Design Dork right here.  Its probably a mix of the unexpected scale, the natural texture, and the frilly fronts that just make them so cool.  So I'm putting it into the universe that I need one, oh and a spot in my house to display it :)

Newport Coastal

 This indoor/outdoor entry is pretty killer even without the clam shell I'm not gonna lie.  

Or for use instead of a champagne bucket.  Oui s'il vous plait!

Or maybe to catch all of your corks

Black & Spiro

Lemons?!?!?  I mean it really can do no wrong.

Gold leaf it? Pff duh!

This probably takes some extreme plumbing, but a super cool sink for a powder

Amanda Coral Interiors

I love a good Orchid and I think these pair together perfectly

Succulents, a patio and a giant clam is perfection.

So if you don't want to dish over $100 bucks for this awesomeness, here's a great DIY( just don't put it outside after all that work)

Katy's Cosy Cove

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