Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 2014!

Although I've already been back to work since the holidays, today is apparently the most depressing day of the year says the news.  Everyone is back in the saddle for a full work week and if you are like me, wishing to get back in your cozy house slippers.

But of course New Year means new resolutions and here goes mine:

#1  I'm getting licensed ya'll.

This is the year I've decided I'm no longer putting off taking my exam to make me a licensed Interior Designer.  I've got  long since had the required years of experience, its just doing it... (Oh yea, and paying an arm and leg for it.)  Believe me, when I pass, there will be champagne. top shelf. and maybe some carbs.

#2  Being more Consistent with my posts

I hear you, if you want to be successful in blogging you have to treat it like a job.  I know its not apparent, but I have a little ADD when it comes to free time, I have a hard time not doing something.  So I'll be a little more organized and diligent and that'll translate into more content for you, right?  Well that's what I tell myself anyway.  DIY and Foodie Fridays are on the top of my list, but let me know if there is something else you think I'm slacking on.  I'll be better.  for real this time.

#3  New House = Construction

Since we've moved into our swanky 1970's party pad that has such a cool layout with great bones, but some really dated features-- we have lots of reno to do.

We actually started this past weekend of tackling our "public bathroom."  And I finally learned how to drywall-Somebody try to stop me now!!!  But I want to be more diligent in getting my own projects up, as long as the hubs allows it :)

#4  Hot Bod

Its the tale as old as time, but I need to get better at the Health thing.  SureI eats tons of veg and drink lots of water and tea, but I need to round it out with some good old fashioned 'G' time.  For once in my life I wanna be like "Dang girl!"  Which I'm hoping will get there with my new Wii Hip Hop game---so fun!

So what do you think, attainable? Me thinks, yuh.  I hear the less you resolute, the more you do :)

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