Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Giving Thanks

Its that time of year again, and if you are the lucky one who gets to host your friends and family this week could be a little overwhelming--But the Decor shouldn't.  And if the decor is good, I bet the food will taste better ;)  Here are my favorites from around the web.

 Thanksgiving doesn't have to be all colorful leaves and pumpkins, natureal colors and twigs make an elegant backdrop, just shop your house!

My kind of tablescape, gold and leopard.  Make your own gold dot place mats with Q-tips, and art paper for a modern twist.  And don't forget to paint the acorns a gold for a place setting (reusable for Christmas too).

This DIY has been on my list for awhile now, but every time I stand in line at Dollar Tree the line stops moving and I get frustrated over a $4 purchase and leave (this has happened twice)  But one of these days I will get to it.

This eclectic dining room and decor looks like its straight out of Anthropologie.  And we all know that Anthropologie is just cool.

No one said that you can't compliment your own house decor with decor. And leftover pumpkins from Halloween painted is a MUST!

The ghostly pumpkins can also be re-used from your spooky Halloween, just be sure to mix with some warmer colors.

If you are lucky enough to have nice weather, and can celebrate ala Pilgrims and Indians style, do re-use wine glasses.  Keep your tablscape simple with crisp neutrals.  Let nature be the backdrop.

Or neutrals indoors :)

And for the Kiddie Table, a little punch of orange and tan with a cute graphic and an art project Mug to keep them entertained.

Happy Thanksgiving!

All images via Pinterest 

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