Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wood on the Floor. In the Bathroom.

I have wood pretty much throughout my house, with the exception of the master bedroom and closet, but the one area that still has the original flooring is the bathroom.  And true to designer form, I struggle with what it needs to look like.  Part of me wants a cool white and clean look, but white grout is a nightmare (something to think about home DIYers!).  But that bathroom has zero natural light so a dark floor would absorb all the light. 

So I was thinking perhaps carrying my wood flooring right into the bathroom.  Of course, if something floods I may be up a creek and wood technically is from the outdoors where it gets wet all the time. I've actually seen it installed before and in 100+ year old houses in fact, and it surprisingly has tons of character and warmth. Plus I could still swing my light and bright bathroom :)  Win, Win, right?


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So what do you think? Would you dare install wood in the bathroom?  Has anyone had experience with it?


Anonymous said...

I think it would look great in theory, but you would have to keep it dry to avoid discoloration and warping. That is really hard to do no matter how careful you are. You might want to try laminated wood, though that would mean sacrificing some of the hardwood's aesthetic value.

Kendra Dennis @

Ryann Hoyer said...

I never thought of using wood for bathroom floors, Ashley. Wood floors are stunning, yet it'll easily get water damaged. A year have passed already, and I wonder if you pursued with the wood flooring. Can I have a sneak-peek of your finished project? :)

Ryann Hoyer @ Yancey Company

Ashley Griffith said...

You both bring up great points, but I have been into several turn of the century homes who have 100 year old wood floors in the bathrooms. Yes they take extra care to not get too wet. I think the use of a bath mat is must. Another perspective is to think about all of the Kitchens that have wood floors and hold up fabulously. It just takes a little extra care.

Ashley Griffith said...

Ryann, we actually installed penny rounds in the condo bathrooms for a quick sale. I do however plan to install the wood in our new master and I'll be sure to share :)

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