Friday, January 27, 2012

Year 2: What I've learned

Tomorrow is my little blog's #2 and I can't help but reflect on what the past two years in my life have changed.  I started reading blogs for the never ending inspirations that they provided then got laid off from the crumbling economy at a commercial interior design job (that I wasn't truly happy with anyway, funny how things always work out for the better). 

Luis Montiero

After several months on the job hunt with no luck in interiors, I took a job in a completely different industry, but a VERY rewarding one-- taking care of two little munchkins everyday.  You see, I would leave my desk job as a designer during the day and teach private swim lessons to littles in the evenings and weekends, sometimes up to 20 lessons a week!  Which of course led to me being a full-time nanny to a terrific family. 

But as you can imagine, going from something completely different than what I had studied in college and still paying student loans, made me miss design.  So as a outlet when the boys were down for naps in the afternoons, I started this little blog to make me feel like I still had my finger on the pulse of the industry.  Of course at two years on the dot, I left that family (with plenty of tears) and rejoined the interiors industry.

Inslee Haynes

My tastes over the past two years has also evolved.  I went from being drawn to brightly colored, saturated and busy trends, to more classic, cultivated, style.  Speaking of, I can't tell you how cool it is to have people comment on your posts whether you know them or not, and tell you that they love your blog.  I still am taken back every time that happens! Memo to Me: in the future, share more blog lovin and as Nancy over at Marcus Design hit on the head- 'Its important to let bloggers know that their time and thoughts are appreciated, so if you enjoy the content, leave a comment.'  Soooo great!

Another great thing that has come from blogging is the food!  I've always loved to cook, but being a single girl doesn't mean I do it.  I had an Epiphany that I wanted a collection of those recipes that people would say, "Will you make that ______ for me?? Or, "Can I have the recipe?"  So trying something new every week has forced me to 1.) have a home cooked meal 2.) given me the chance to try something that may be the next it dish and 3.) save ya'll from making something that just so-so. I'm the guinea pig!

A few more recipes I will be trying--

All food images via Pinterest

Anyway, can’t believe another year has gone by, but its only getting better :)  Here’s to another year of blogging, new friendships, design/food/fashion gabbing! Stay tuned and thanks for always feeling up to chatting style with me!


Anonymous said...

I alway knew that you would do well in whatever you chose. Love U G-ma

Anonymous said...

Your blog really does!

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