Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dirty Laundry

Laundry actually used to be a punishment when I was a kid...seriously, a mountain of it.  But these days I wouldn't mind spending time in a well-designed room, with a fresh linen smell.  And since laundry rooms aren't something that you typically spend a whole lot of time in, its a great opportunity (much like a powder bath) to try something out of the ordinary. Take a look at a few "Dos."

Do make your laundry clean and bright, it is all about cleanliness after all.   I love the touch of decorative necessities, i.e. the canisters with laundry powders.  Or you could fill them up with dryer sheets! Art and useful!

A perfect opportunity to go bold, make your W/D a statement!

If you don't have a full on room to clean your clothes in and you are stuck with a closet, like myself, you can jazz that up pretty easily.

Have custom cabinets made in your Kitchen to blend nicely with the rest of the decor, but hide the machines from sight.

Hall closet Surprise! Tiled back splash with clean cabinets, folding surface, and a place to hang drying clothes. 

Not only does this built in cabinetry hide your laundry machines, but also serves as a utility closet hiding all your unsightly cleaners!  Just be sure to lock it if you have small children!

Barn door obsessed? Way better option than the boring bi folding doors, and LOVE the punch of color!

How about adding a built in for your Separation Anxiety pet?  Nothing I hate more than a huge crate in my house.

Take the opportunity to great creative with the color, after all this isn't the main part of your house, so its great to practice being bold.

Images via Pinterest and Texas Home and Garden

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Sharstin said...

laundry is my nemesis--hate it--and it hates me:) but a pretty laundry room would make it all a little better i am sure!
love all these!

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