Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trending--Unbalanced Rooms

Hey all and Merry Christmas week to you!!!  I know that my brain activity has slowed way down because all I can think of is family time and a little R&R :)  I can't get my mind off of Holiday baking, warm fire and snuggling up with a book.

Well anyway, off of the topic of Holidays, I've been noticing a new trend happening, off centering.  Its probably most of our first reactions to center artwork over the bed, couch, dresser, etc or the piece of furniture on the wall.  But a local decorator company by the name of Gary Riggs Interiors really likes to throw it off.  What are your thoughts, too unbalanced or something interesting you would try?

I've always really enjoyed Gary and his team's work because of all the layers that he incorporates, you eyes find something new every time you look at the picture. And their choice of artwork is impeccable in my opinion!  You should really check out their work.

All images via Gary Riggs Interiors

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