Thursday, December 15, 2011

Style Sass: Miroslava Duma

Today's lady of Fashion is a Russian Senator's daughter, who's professional resume includes of a few magazines you may know Harper's Bazaar, OK Magazine, Tatler, Glamour (all Russia).  But this chick seriously rocks the house, with her preppy 60's vibe and did I mention that she's a Mom???

Well I'm trying to break down her style and I have to say that what makes her a Sass girl is that she has seriously no boundaries.  She's not afraid to wear a tailored pant suit or thug it up in a hoodie (How many girls in hoodies are considered "it girls" that you know???)

So here's the low down on how to get Miro's impeccable style--

Layers! This is key, not only does it make it look like you put alot of thought into what your ensemble looks like, but it makes your outfit more interesting and people will notice. I like to layout everything on my bed and then add it on like your dressing one of those ridiculous mannequin's in mall.

Leather Moto over a fem floral skirt, but keeping it tough with the black leggings.

How Chic is this look??? Gah!

I'm somewhat confused on this dress, did she layer it herself? or is the underlay two different colors? Anyway, that's the point to her style, you really have to study it.

Never in a million would I do a faux fur crop over a hoodie, but it works!

Do look sophisticated from time to time!  Go from wearing denim shorts (jorts) to looking like you just walked out of major business meeting and on your way to drinks.

Take chances and have fun with it, because like I said before if people have to stop and study your style, even if it doesn't make sense, chances are that they will think that you have a boho chic sense to your style that surpasses their "this matches that" way of thinking.

Plaid and acid wash? Sure.

Beach hat out to lunch? YES! I love hats and I think we need to incorporate more into our daily, they are like the topping on the cake.

Grecian goddess out on the town.

Matching skirt to jacket

Have them guessing whether or not you have pants on under there :)

Wild romper, ADORE!

And lastly, if you've got it, flaunt it!

Images via Yahoo Images

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