Monday, November 28, 2011

Style Spotlight: Jeff Andrews

Hope Everyone had a great long weekend filled with no diet food in sight! But now we embark on this strange period between to major holidays where everything goes into a blur of gift wrap, family visits, cooking and cold weather. Let the madness begin!!
Today's spotlight is on a "Designer to the stars: Ryan Seacrest, The Kardashians, and even designer of television show sets, Jeff Andrews.  Typical of most LA designers(although he's based in Mount Washington and flies in several times a week), he focuses on leisurely design and the livability of the space, but this soft-spoken, shy guy left his career of being a choreographer (to Madonna!!!!) to build his business with the non-Hollywood types.  Check out this natural--
You may recognize this from a certain show?  That's right, its Dexter's hideout from Showtime

How striking is this bedroom? A great mix of earthy and glam

The Kardashian who started it all and her TV famous office

How bold is that powder???  The one room in your place that you can go wild and not look insane.

Another Kardashian Shot, this time the Home base, the Jenner's

I love the dated but timeless feel to this kitchen, I wonder if that stove is "Green?"

These last three are from Andrew's own casa

Images via here, here, and here.

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