Friday, November 11, 2011

Battle of the Sexes

I was perusing my unpublished posts and came across a few that I was actually shocked that I never got around to posting.  Mainly because they rock the house...kidding, kidding! But really-- Its no secret that I'm a huge fan of eclectic interiors and LOVE mixing Feminine styles with the Masculine (I hear your pain guys...).  And this of course falls at a great time when Masculine style is really popular, hello, Equestrian Chic!!!
At first glance this feels pretty Feminine, the white furniture, bowl of something girly, the twisted lines of the occasional chairs along the wall.  But there are a few hints of a dude, brown velvet pillows, the horse!!!!!, grey wainscoting(reminiscent of menswear) and a map.
  The photo wall, 'weathered' leather sofa, and burl wood coffee table totally have that "Man-feel."  But the glamour of the table lamps, the elegant white roses and orchids = FEM!

This image screams West Elm which I don't like--Nothing I can't stand more than an entire room looking like it came straight from the same showroom.... but I digress. Hard lines of the bed, the bold artpiece and tree limbs equal Masculine.  Pintucked duvet, the delicate throw pillow and lamp base, Feminine.

VERY manly, but a touch of glam with the chandy....and man do I love a great chandy!

Now I know this image has been around the block...and two guys live here, but just a touch of feme--take a look at the skirted nightstands with and curvaceous lamp and hydrangeas.

Super manly again, but the antique rug gives it just a touch of a lady's taste as well as the nightstand's foot stool(?????) with white and nailheads.

This kitchen is amazeballs.  I think that the floor is a dark stained concrete that is very heavy but the woodworking on the cabinets and the carerra are very light and feme.  PS- bet you didn't even notice the ugly pipes along the wall that would have freaked all of us out.

This one is pretty dang masculine.  But keeping the walls light and the windows bright makes it acceptable for a women to live here :)

I bet you can tell which elements I would call out without me even telling you. 

Masculine, could be part of the same room above actaully.  The electrical wiring almost makes this look like it has some massive mouldings, love!!!

Looks like a homade pendant, very unique!


Images via Elle Decor and Decorpad

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