Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Style Sass: Olivia Palermo

In an attempt to renovate my wardrobe, I 've been researching "what's hot" in today's fashion.  And for me that means what the celebrities are wearing.  I know Olivia is nobody new to the Style Stratosphere, but she still has some constants that I've noticed and we should all take into some serious consideration.

Tailored Jackets are a must

Hair down straight or curly, check.

At least one unique accessory piece per outfit.

Show off your best feature, hers is obvi the legs.


....or flats.

Rock a white NYC glow, no fake bake for her!

Loose/Flowing Top

Red nails, almost always.

Go with bold choices and were them confidently

Oversized Bags

Always be camera ready

And a touch of gold, no silver for her!

Rumor has it that she may be starting her own fashion blog so I'm interested to find out what she has to say!  I've spied a great casual look by The City's resident Diva.  I believe that in this particular occasion she was at a polo match...huh, must be niiiiiice :)

 Here's my take-

Olivia Palermo

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