Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Seems like I was just posting about gift ideas for Vday, but here goes again!

What an adorable idea!! "Why didn't I think of that moment" destined to get you some brownie points guys...available here

Been on a fabulous vacation  with your honey that you want to remember every time you plop down on the couch? Available here

Very unique Family necklace

I saw this one at Anthrolopolgie and few months ago and it was one of those books that made you laugh and had some very true statements in it. Definitely worth getting.
In to candles?  Try Votivo Red Currant, its addicting

And last but not least, an easy go to for any occasion--get her a mani-pedi, it fits right there in the card.  I'm dying to try the new Texas collection that OPI just released :)

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