Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Butcher it?

It's no surprise that I am a countertop snob, it was the only "luxe feeling" material that I could really spec when designing in healthcare...and even then, it never strayed too far in color.  Well my 'should be done by now' condo is coming down the homestretch and countertops are next on the list.  I would say that I had my heart set on granite for both the kitchen and the bath, but to me, there wasn't any other option....until now.

This was the look I was going for, white cabinets, dark wood floor, dark granite, white subway tile, and stainless appliances.  Only thing that differs-- I was contemplating crystal knobs.

The BFF has a gorgeous IKEA kitchen with the butcher block wood counters that I've passed by several times not ever thinking about putting them in my house, but for some reason today I had a "what if" moment.   I can't seem to find granite for less than $21-$25 per square foot installed (in a non-frightening color), but low and behold Ikea has them on sale for $3/sq. ft.  WHAT?!?!?!!?  Granted that's not installed, but I almost feel out of my chair when I calculated that up!!!  I still think that granite is a must for the bath but for the Kitch?  What do you think?  And just as importantly, what would be the resale on those babies?

I die.

Shut. Up. With that ceiling! 

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Obviously the ideal would be to have a little marble thrown in, or a lot, but my little kitchen is smaller than my bath...not kidding.  So less is probably more in my situation.

I know this isn't a kitchen, but I would take this closet of thier hands no problem.

Ok, who lives here?!?!?!?  Two islands? Those pendants, the marble, the pendants.  I love it so...

Love me some tiger wood.

LAGAN comes in at $59 for 16 sq feet.  Beech color.

NUMERÄR is $169 for 16 sq. ft. = less than $11/sf  This being the Birch.

And i've never been too much of an Oak fan but this one is fantastic. Again for less than $11/sf.

Images via Decorpad, House Tweaking and Ikea


Sharstin said...

very pretty! have you ever seen quartz? it is fab--and very chic. Similar to granite, but actually more durable, and i think it looks a lot more modern. We had a grey in our casa, and i loved it~

Ashley Griffith said...

I am familiar with the Quartz, used alot of Zodiaq in healthcare b/c of the anti-microbial properties. I love it and would prefer that in my bath but the price is what gets me everytime... Don't want to make it too nce for my condo complex. But I saw your kitchen with that grey...LOVE!

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