Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blog Crush: Signed by Tina

For those of us who love a good blog, it's always fun to come across a new one that you can just devour for hours like a new magazine.  Well, somehow I found this one authored by a girl in Sweden and simply put...she rocks!  I love that she has so many different things that she's featuring, colors, food, design, beauty products, inspirational photography, the list goes on.  I can't wait to check out her daily reads!

This is her own condo that she took from Ikea overload to absolutely FAB on a budget! :) 

PS-She put those nail heads on the cabinets herself...I die.

...and made the artwork herself.

This is her "dressing room"  LOVE!

This may be a little too fabulous for me (I know, I said it), but if you see the before, this kitchen has come years!

All images via Signed by Tina

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