Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Wreaths

I've been in the market for a wreath for quite some time now, and I'm thinking that since my christmas decor at the pad is what I like to call "Chanel Chic" (all black, white and sliver, with mirrors and get the idea) I need an Angel Wreath.  They must be fabulous, not only because Barney's carries them, but they are SOLD out online!  They seem pretty easy to make, no?  I'll see what I can whip up this weekend ;)

PS- How fab would these be in Peacock??? All year round??? I die.

Here are some others that I simply adore as well...

Even better in multiples :)

These sort of scream Anthrolopogie to me


This one is from the lovely Sharstin over at Me and Mine, handmade with three kids people! This girl rocks!

This is a Sarah Richardson creation, she made it out of boas and lights, LOVE!

Cost $2 to make, get the tutorial here.

This one made from sheet music

Zofia Design

Image via Yahoo
Image via Yahoo

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