Thursday, June 12, 2014

The ever-inventive Ikea Trestle

Everyone knows that battling IKEA on the weekends are not for the faint of heart (psst, Friday nights are gold--just make sure everyone is well fed before you drag them there).  But with a deal like the trestle legs for $20, its so worth it.

I've been pretty obsessed with Facebook online garage sales lately (like OBSESSED) and have been accumulating some great DIY projects because of it.  I have 6 enormous vintage window shutters, four of which I made into a headboard for our guest room, but I have two leftover screaming for a spot, perhaps a desk or console?....decisions, decisions.

I put Ikea trestle legs up there with Expedit greatness.  They are pretty fabulous for a quick dining table, desk or side table on a budget and the color possibilities make it truly one of a kind.

Reclaimed Wood Vanity Table This reclaimed wood vanity table was a DIY project by this Apartment Therapy House Tour homeowner. The trestle l...

Makeup table ladies?

Not bad for a rustic Ikea desk.  Of course you still need to make the top.

Add a few pieces of reclaimed timber and Voila!  Instant industrial.

Recycled shipping crates turned into desktop with IKEA legs / rose hip blog

Give your space character by using a vintage wall hanging as your focal point. Decorate it with items that inspire you.

Or you could go as far as to use the butcher block counter top from Ikea for a smoother finish.

DIY plywood table and upside down ikea trestle legs.
Any good Ikea hacker knows to think outside the box.  How about install upside down to create a pin-like leg, more legroom, and cleaner storage.

How to make a Wood Trestle Desk (using IKEA trestle legs and old wood flooring!)    {An Oregon Cottage}

The look can even go a little tradish.

Console table made with a reclaimed barn door and Ikea trestles. From French House & Home.

IKEA Trestle Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 3

Incorporate multiples for a whole office.

IKEA VIKA LERBERG trestle legs spray painted red, kitchen, white pendant lights, wooden walls, white cabinetry
For a fun pop of color, get your spray paint out.  I love the mis-matched chairs.

DIY Dining Table Ideas

Clever and simple IKEA hack from White + Gold Design via Little Green Notebook.

A little faux brass really glams this up.  I mean looks like a million bucks!

All images via Pinterest

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A touch of Teak

In a world full of painted cabinets (which will NEVER go out of me), I'm starting to wonder where the next trend is going to take us.  Wood cabinetry is bound to make a come back, but I'm thinking in maybe a warmer hue, like Teak.  I just love the idea of a floating teak vanity topped with crisp white quartz counter top and galvanized light fixtures for a casual bathroom....this is what I day dream about folks.

Here are few unexpected teak looks that I find super refreshing.

Love this teak paired with the concrete countertop and that bloated square tile is so unique.  I could totally do without the teak step though- it takes away from the pop of the vanity.

There is a lot happening in this bathroom, but I love the accent punch for towel rack.

Simple and clean.  If I could change one thing however, there is a lot of rectilinear shapes, I would switch out the matchy matchy mirror for a round metal one.

This is such a European design no?


Umm yes!  This screams hip farmhouse, and that black paned window is the perfect touch of black.

This shower almost hit a homerun, the marble and concrete are fab, but that moddled texture looks like a crappy ceramic tile from the bargain bin.  The looks would have been much better if the exterior of the shower matched in the interior.

Not all subway has to be white, and with this amount of natural light, this bath can handle the matte black.

Monday, June 9, 2014

What a Pane

I've been pretty obsessed with metal paned windows lately-  not very energy efficient, I know, but I guess if you live in paradise, who cares.  They pack quite a statement, so elegant and effortless looking. If I ruled the world, I'd swap out my courtyard windows for these bad boys in a heartbeat.

Add a metal paned glass door and I don't think anything could be better.

I love the look of the paned glass as a shower enclosure, very industrial, masculine feel.

This image above has been in my Dream Folder for quite awhile now...its just so good!  The wood floor, paned glass, hex tiles, that sink!  Collected perfection.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Another Droolworthy Lake House

Memorial Day Weekend means a large body of water, grill, a few cockies and having American Pride.  An easy, breezy, calming palette melts all of your daily routine away, for a few days anyway.

I love a good lake house, as previously shared here. This Wisconsin Lake house, is the epitome of relaxation.  Even if you can't get away for a weekend retreat, this is a great relaxing inspiration for your home-- Not beachy, but not woodsy, the perfect mix of both masculine and feminine.

A very serene color palette, with reclaimed wood to ground the look and keep it from being too beachy.  I love the touch of the antlers.

Lots of natural light floods this house, even with the straw shades drawn, natural light can stream through.

A super uncomplicated kitchen, with plenty of style.  After all, you want to be soaking up the outside, not slaving over the stove.

Such beautiful simplicity, and a great retreat for the eyes and soul.

Design by de[luxe] design studio

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Inspiring Designers

I was recently asked a rather seemingly simple question of 'who are my favorite interior designers,' and I had to really thing about it.  It is very hard to distinguish one individual who does everything "right" in my eyes,when design is a world of "the eye of the beholder."  After mulling the question over, I really got to thinking about who has a specific aesthetic that stands out among the rest.  In my opinion, there are few people that really are artists; who create something a little unexpected, ever evolving, and inspire others. In any case, I came up with a few visionaries that I would move right into anything they come up with.

The first designer that always comes to mind is the great Kelly Wearstler, she is a trendsetter, plain and simple.  I mean the girl literally marches to her own beat.  Remember when Hollywood Regency style made a HUGE comeback?? Everyone was on Craigslist searching for anything Greek key, brass or something with those lines to paint a bright cheery color.  Then whenever we all thought that was the greatest thing ever, she changed things up and started dipping into retro 1980's overstuffed furniture and bold marbles.  I like to think of her as High Fashion meets Interior Design.

Kelly Wearstler Decorating Ideas | Kelly Wearstler's New Blog Shares Creative Ideas

KWearstler workin out a ceiling w/ kelly green accent...

Kelly Wearstler / Australian Vogue Living

Kelly Wearstler's office.  Pink chairs.

Former Microsoft executive Jeff Sanderson and his wife Lara, recently commissioned Kelly Wearstler to decorate their Washington State home. In truly Kelly Wearstler style, she decorated with unabashed gusto and moxie, creating glamorous, provocative moments throughout the home.


Kelly Wearstler Residential | Cool Wood floor and walls!

Kelly Wearstler Hollywood Regency

 Bergdorf Goodman BG Restaurant Bar #kellywearstler #interior #design
Statement furniture and custom carve-outs for artwork bring focus to a hotel lobby. Kelly Wearstler Commercial.

kelly wearstler tribeca home - love the channel bed!

Ms. Wearstler evolves on to not only a fabric designer (come on who didn't have some sort of Imperial Trellis something???), to clothing, jewelry and sculpture.  Like I said, a complete visionary, that mark my words, everyone will be clamoring over her designs years after she's already in the groove.

Then I started to think a little more locally.  In Houston, a household name is Sally Wheat.  Sally has gone from the very beginning of the French Country/ Belgian Design to Modern to Classic and is also ever changing her aesthetic.  Many of Kitchens have been inspired by her personal Kitchen and I would love to pick her brain about her adorable courtyard.  Wheat's aesthetic is what I like to call Casual Class.

Cool designer alert- Sally Wheat!

sally wheat's kitchen  3 on cote de texas

Farrow and Ball Down Pipe    Sally Wheat's son's room   Sally Wheat,Texas designer famous for painting her kitchen cabinets Fieldstone by Ben Moore..

Sally Wheat entry

Sally Wheat Interiors Living Room-Sunset Yellow sofa

Crushing on decorator Sally Wheat

Those antique shutters are amazing!  Plus I love the driftwood cross.

Family Room - Sally Wheat
notice antique doors to hide media etc...

sally wheat

SallyL: Sally Wheat Interiors - Living room with incredible emerald green curtains covering ...

I actually like these stairs even though they are closed off a bit
By Sally Wheat; frames, leopard, gallery wall, black, white, brass

And last one off of the top of my head, is local here in the Dallas area, none other than Gary Riggs.  I recently visited his North Dallas store that took over two retail locations and uber amounts of square footage-- Oh! and I saw him in action taking super precaution in where things were located in his store, and artist at work!

Gary's style is something that I like to call Southern Layers.  Super eclectic, colorful, charming, collected, and with a little southern twist.  His designs are super energetic with tons to look at, and the man wrote the book on pattern play.

Dallas Design Firm | Residential and Commercial Designs | Gary Riggs Homes | Gary Riggs Home

Cream And Brown Master Bedroom With Chrystal Chandelier

Interiors | Gary Riggs Home I like the way the pictures are arranged

Gary Riggs but I only like some aspects of the room. Like where the little deesser is with the lamp ans flower and the lader looking shelf decoration thing

Love the bed and all the framed art  Interiors | Gary Riggs Home

Interiors | Gary Riggs Home~Repaint the shelving for Searlait's room and mount over dresser mirror

Who would have thought that comforter would go with that rug?!!  Neat!

Interiors | Gary Riggs Home...I would edit out some of this, but the colors are just awesome!

This is my favorite.

Gary Riggs Interiors - Dallas, Texas

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