Thursday, September 20, 2012

Not just another floor pattern....

Doing commercial design lends a great deal of floor patterns in my everyday, but what do you think about patterns on the floor in the home?  I love the idea of a huge punch of color/pattern/design, but does it get old?

If you are a flooring contractor, of course a bold pattern is a no brainer.  But unless you are working with concrete or with a very old wood, I'd be cautious about getting out the paint buckets.  Nevertheless, its absolutely fabulous, and kudos if you have the guts to marry the idea in your own home.

 Talk about classic Modern!  This foyer is FLAWLESS!!!
 Art Deco inspired with the glossy walls, is so sultry and bold.  And don't forget that Hick's pendant!
Amber Interior Design
 This is a classic example of a serious mixture of styles, nautical striping on the floor, baroque wall art with a modern twist, bold lamps and then 100% wall/mouldings in mint.  VERY nicely done.
Apartment Therapy
 Floor tiles are also coming more into a pattern play, something about this designs really says "turn of the century" and a little European no?
Beautiful Habitat
 For those who have little to zip for a budget and have to use VCT (hello about 99% of my projects) this weave design is awesome and packs quite a punch.

Dean Barger
 Hexagon's will never go out of style in my opinion.
Design Dump

Design Dump

Desire to Decorate
 This small foyer seems to be done in a stain to resemble an area rug.  Great for the awkward shape of the room.
La Dolce Vita

Mary McDonald

Nate Berkus

Nick Olsen

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Maria Anna Ramirez said...

The pattern game on these floors is giving me light. The idea of incorporating patterned floors on your home is to create a new character to your home moving past the standard cream colored floors. Choosing bolder pattern floor tiles should be matched well with the monotonous palette of furniture to avoid clashing of colors and being too hard on the eyes.

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