Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Liz Caan do it

I can't remember exactly where I discovered the designs by Liz Caan, but she the type of designer that makes me study the interiors for a while, ans that's good.  She has a classic aesthetic, but has a sort of playfulness in all of her work that I can really appreciate.  Bold colors, mixed with vintagey finds is my type of Wow.
Liz in her studio, could you die?  So clean and polished, but full of personality.

 This ceiling is PURE perfection, I can't even deal.
 Wood from wall to wall isn't something that designers usually do, but this just works!  All other elements are kept clean and minimal.  Love the Bourgie lamps.
 I simply adore this mature little boys room that takes a super cool kid's loft right into teenagerhood.

Speaking of teenager, this one is spot on!  The striped flooring in both boys rooms really lend a masculine feel, and those Hick's pendants are awesome.

Whichever lady has this for a closet can go ahead ant just rub it in.  I'm a HUGE fan of large mirrors and the wallpaper on the ceiling is a nice touch.  Girls, couldn't you spend forever in here???

I don't know what it is, but I adore this hound dog painting.  Such an heir of sophistication but adds some humor.

I think that this sitting room is channeling the horse stables and I'm loving it, that lucite truck is to die for!

Here are a few elements I've pulled together to get the Liz Caan Vibe--

Lucite End Table


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