Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Living Walls

I'm working on a project right now where the client is super into Feng Shui and keeping everything earthy and in balance.  To say the least, I'm learning alot.  After the first initial shock of having to design based on a set of rules, I'm actually starting to have a little fun with it.  And that means a living wall :)

I haven't seen a whole lot of "green" in many interiors lately, perhaps the dreaded ficus of the 90's are to blame, but actually having something living in your space is a great way to clean the air.  I found out that the plants themselves aren't the ones to clean the area, the microorganism on the plants do..,

I think that the whole concept is a terrific substitute for artwork as well. 

 Of course, many of us don't have green thumbs, so if you are wanting something a little exotic, tons of research is probably necessary.  But alot of the higher end systems come with their own irrigation, for when we forget to water them :)

And of course its not only for indoor air quality/beauty, but also exterior.  I can't imagine that these flower are real, but what a cool look.

All images via Yahoo Images

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