Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The writings on the wall

I'm not really a fan of the words sitting around the house trend that has been happening.  Things like"EAT," "JOY," or "BATH" don't really inspire me.  In my case, I don't need a reminder to "eat."

I do however think that language and symbols are a terrific pieces of art in themselves.  The way letters go together is actually kind of brills if you think about it, and if you are asking me, every word looks prettier in french......... and gold :)  Here are a few innovative "Word Art" pieces that I'm loving.
No clue what it means but looks so romantic!

Architectural Chair Word Art for sale on Etsy

Instead of putting your kids name above the bed ala Pottery Barn, again are you going to forget who sleeps there and need a reminder??? I love the tone on tone"Oh boy!" Super cute!

This looks like a project perfection nightmare, but the end result is so worth it.

More foreign words....swoon.

How freakin clever is this?????
I love these object as letter art, I can sit there for hours and stare at the letters! These are available via Uncommon Goods

I love how this notebook sheet has such a story behind it....

The imperfections of this passage-- so heartfelt and handmade.

So next time your out home decor shopping and fall in love with a saying or your own name, ....take that inspiration and make it your own, paint and canvas or a scribbled note framed has so much more meaning.

All images via Pinterest, uncommon goods and Etsy

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small world said...

It says "draw me a sheep"

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