Friday, December 2, 2011

Breaking Dawn Review

I'm sort of shocked of how Breaking Dawn's debut wasn't really talked about as much as I thought it would have been, I'm c'mon peeps-- This is by the BEST Twilight book yet!  So with the risk of making myself look like a pathetic twenty-something who has a undying love of the fictitious Edward Cullen and all things Twilight, I though I'd share my opinion on it, and of course have lots of gorgeous pics to drool over.

I went Wednesday evening to avoid the screaming tween's and/or college kids who are nearing the end of their semesters and it was a perfect time to go, no lines, no screaming and room to put my feet up (if the LATE broads in front of me hadn't shown up).  So the movie opens up and pretty much dives into the meat a potatoes of the story just like the book, the epic wedding of Edward and Bella.  Let's just say my interior designer friend who went with me who also does wedding decorating on the side said "Wow" so I knew I was correct in thinking that it was perfectly done and witty to boot.  I suddenly was thrown right back into the lovestruck teenager I turned into when I read the series. And although I can totally get passed the awkwardness that is sometimes Edward, he looked AMAZING!! Hair perfectly coifed and he was super convincing on his feelings towards the love of his life.  It was very heartfelt and really made me reminisce about the book (told you I was risking pathetic).

All in all the movie was very in line with the book, it felt a little rushed and then somewhat slow in some certain parts (ahem the honeymoon) but I absolutely loved it and it will of course be making its way into my DVD collection.  One warning however I don't think that its a guy's movie, let's face it dudes probably don't want to sit through a wedding and birth in one sitting, especially if there isn't any fight scenes.

One more thing, If you haven't been getting in on the soundtracks, you are truly missing out.  They are not the cheesy usual soundtrack, great indie music that you can't stop listening to.

What the heck, a few more because I just adore Edward :)  ..........can't wait to see the next one!

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