Thursday, April 21, 2011

Designing for the Sexes

I've always wondered if it's acceptable to have a fully feminine room or fully masculine space when people are cohabiting.  Seeing as though I'm a designer and have my own unique thought dialogue going on in my head whenever I walk into a space, I'm curious as to what "normal people" think....Do you walk into a darker masculine space and think that the chick living here is a total tomboy who caters to the men in her life?  Or just as intriguing, a feminine space that screams "That boy is whipped and had zero input on what's going on with the house decor?" Either way, in my opinion, that's not an ideal reaction.

My latest project, a bachelor pad, has me conflicted on making it a very blatant man-cave.  Is it professionally irresponsible, as a designer, to "genderize" a space?  Especially when the clients really have no idea about their own design direction except that have a favorite color and a sofa they want to keep.  As a side note- from my experience as a Designer, you are automatically put in a category with Doctors, Nurses and Psychics- everyone wants some sort of advice.  Of course those questioning should be aware that everyone has their own style and Designers's WILL put their own stamp on the space, and that could easily be Feminine or Masculine.

Here are a few of my fave examples of all--

Masculine Spaces:

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Feminine Spaces:

Source: None via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: None via Ashley on Pinterest

A few spaces that I consider "Neutral:"

A touch a rustic, but that settee and chandelier Fem's it up!

Lots of wood, but has a light and airy feel.

The stools and that counter top has a Masculine vibe, but those pendants and the Fornasetti plate wallpaper keep it balanced.

Color palette gives off a Masculine vibe, but the Fem shaped lamp bases and the chandy balance this space.  DIY headboard from here.

This kitchen is terrific! Simple, clean, Masculine modern cabinets....rustic table with Fem lines, with flowers and the chandy.  I die.
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