Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nautical Themed: From the Kitschy to the Understated

With the temps rising and the bathing suits on full blast at the stores, I can't but get excited about Summer.  And that means beaches, rivers, lakes, and pools to me.  I loooove the "Water Weather" and I see no reason not bring it indoors....I'm a fan of the faux coral all year round too.  But the sailor/beach theme doesn't just have to be for beach houses or little boys rooms anymore.  You could go very literal with it or understated, you choose.
Quite reminiscent of the way our sailors sleep while out to sea.  I absolutely love this, bunk beds were my thing when I was younger, talk about sleepovers!  And how much cuter could this actually get?  Can't you just see everyone talking as the go to sleep? 
Never been drawn to the Octo family, besides maybe calamari (sorry!) but this graphic is awesome, and that chest of drawers needs to be in my casa pronto. Chandelier and Rug = LOVE.
A Candice Olsen nursery- Of course I'm a huge fan of hers-- and its mainly to do because of her use of lighting...gets me Every. Time. Maybe a little cluttered, but that ceiling is presh!

Very understated Nautical, only a few touches here and there, but chic no less!  Looks like the black walls trend is still kicking!

The desk is beyond.  The fish pedestal and then the marble????? I Die.

Its all about the details.

This is very Northeast US to me.... Is that Hermes?

Loooving this modern take as well, can't go wrong with lucite....anywhere. Trust me.

Another understatement as well, the blue wall color, ornamental grass and seashells give it away.
Images from here, here and here.

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